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Braun Series 1 130S Electric Shaver

Braun Series 1 130S Electric Shaver
Braun Series 1 130S Electric Shaver
Braun Series 1 130S Electric Shaver
Braun Series 1 130S Electric Shaver
Braun Series 1 130S Electric Shaver
Braun Series 1 130S Electric Shaver
Braun Series 1 130S Electric Shaver
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  • Brand: Braun
  • Model: 130S
  • Weight: 0.36kg
  • SKU: BRN.130S
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The simple way for a close shave, the Braun Series 1 130S-1 features an ergonomic design, extra wide floating foil and slim precision shaver head for extra flexibility, precision and adaptability, making it ideal for beginners. A mains-only shave, the floating foil and shaver head combine to give you extra flexibility, precision and adaptability while Braun's trademark SmartFoil technology captures hairs growing in different directions for a closer shave in fewer strokes. Fully washable so you can get a clean and efficient shave every day, the Series 1 130S-1 shaver is the simple way to achieve a close, comfortable shave.

Braun shavers--the quick and easy shaving solution

Braun electric shavers offer all kinds of benefits over shaving with a wet razor. They give you the closeness you need for smooth results that last all day. There is less pulling and tugging, which can cause irritation during or after a shave. They are also easy to use, with less mess and a simple cleaning process. In short, Braun electric shavers are the quick and easy shaving solution.

Innovative SmartFoil catches more hairs in fewer strokes

The Series 1 130S-1 shaver features SmartFoil technology for a close and comfortable shave. This innovative shaving foil has been specially designed with differently angled, shaped and sized holes. The precisely designed angles, shapes and sizes of these holes efficiently catch hairs that grow from different directions in fewer strokes than a regular shaving foil. The result is a gentler shave in hard to reach areas such as the neck and under the chin.

Slim precision shaver head and Gillette blades for precision and comfort

The precision shaving head of the Series 1 130S-1 shaver is slim enough to shave hard to reach areas on your face and neck. And it uses Gillette Precision Comfort blades that cut hairs extraordinarily close in a single stroke, for exceptional closeness and comfort.

Fully washable under running tap water for a clean shave every day

There's no better feeling than a clean and thorough shave to make you feel and look your best. The Series 1 130S-1 gives you this feeling every day as it is fully washable under your tap, so you can easily clean the shaving head and foil to make sure you get a clean shave with less irritation.


  • SmartFoil: Ultrathin foil technology for more closeness and skin comfort.
  • Slim precision head: Shaves close even in hard-to-reach areas
  • Long hair trimmer: Simply slide out the extendable long hair trimmer for longer hair and for mustache and sideburns shaping.
  • 100% waterproof for easy cleaning: The Braun Series 1 is IPX7 certified - it could be submerged in 5-meter deep water without a problem. Which means you can comfortably rinse it under running water for easy cleaning.
  • Automatic voltage adaptation
  • Corded shaving
  • Protective cap

*FREE - 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty Included*

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