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Al Attaar

Brand: Al Attaar Model: AACO53
Cambodian natural Oudh Wood. The rich velvety fragrance of Oudh. Fragrance Notes: Rainforest wetness velvety wordiness mild spices resemblance of labdanum...
Ex Tax:SAR400.00
Brand: Al Attaar Model: OCY9
Chips of pure Vietnamese Oudh. Natural Oudh. Thin shavings of Oudh tree for use as incense on lit coal. Fragrance notes: very sweet Oudh rich with a leathery aroma of leather mild wordiness. *Minimum order for delivery: 3 packets*..
Ex Tax:SAR90.00
Brand: Al Attaar Model: AAOF
Charcoal free smart Bukhoor of Pure Oudh fragrance with no mix of any oils or fragrances. Pure Oudh fragrance for your homes and offices in an easy to use design without coal. *Minumum order for delivery: 10 packets*..
Ex Tax:SAR30.00
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