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Brand: Pet.Love.Earth Model: 635934609212
Developed as a solution for house breaking, incontinent dogs as well as for pets living in urban environment, the potty pads help the home stay clean and smelling fresh. these absorbent pads can be used to line pet carriers and crates, in addition these pads have been designed to hold in liquid and ..
Ex Tax:SAR43.00
Brand: Pet.Love.Earth Model: 6084001390364
Fuzzy Mice Cat Toys with Catnip are perfect playmates for any kitty. these fun packed mice are covered in paw pleassing faux fur material, the long tail and catnip inside will attract you pet cat to hours. Packaging 2pcs..
Ex Tax:SAR22.10
Brand: Pet.Love.Earth Model: 635934608932
Puppy Trainer Helps in House Breaking training Benefits Aids in Potty training by letting your pup know where it’s safe to go Releases natural pheromones to attract dogs and let them know where to relieve themselves For indoor and outdoor use Cuts down on housebreaking time so you can spend m..
Ex Tax:SAR27.60
Pets. Love. Earth Squeaky Frizz Dog Toy
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Brand: Pet.Love.Earth Model: 6084001390067
This fun squeaky frizzy toy is absolutely perfect for your pet dog in addition, our toys are made of non-toxic, pet safe material and colors so you can be confident that your faithful friend will happily spend hours of fun chewing, playing and tugging...
Ex Tax:SAR40.80
Brand: Pet.Love.Earth Model: 635934607997
Pet hair remover 4 in 1 is designed as a multi purpose grooming tool. This unique design rubber brush creates an electro static charge which allows for collecting loose hair. A right product to get rid from loose hair on furniture,clothes etc. Benefits Removes pet hair and lint from furniture..
Ex Tax:SAR32.00
Brand: Pet.Love.Earth Model: 6084001390210
Enjoy traveling with your pet without the worry of rips, tears , dirt or pet hair ruining or staining the backseat of your vehicle. Very easy to wash...
Ex Tax:SAR104.50
Brand: Pet.Love.Earth Model: 6084001390166
- The cat den is the ultimate sanctuary for a lounging cat. The fabric covered foam shell creates a secluded den -like haven for your cat-napping kitty. - Also great for puppies and small dogs. Size 56 cm..
Ex Tax:SAR198.10
Brand: Pet.Love.Earth Model: 635934607904
Whether you want to keep litter off your carpet or food off your floor, this no-mess cat mat is bound to keep things a litter tidier. the mat is built to hold in debris and keep them in a small and manageable spot. Place it under your pets bowl or right outside their letter box and try it out for yo..
Ex Tax:SAR39.60
Brand: Pet.Love.Earth Model: 635934608147
Your cat will be flying high when they have their very own interactive cat bug wand. Every cat is a natural hunter -and this toy their natural born instincts in a fun and charming way. Just wave it around and appeal to your cat’s inner predator while getting in some quality bonding toy...
Ex Tax:SAR20.90
Brand: Pet.Love.Earth Model: 635934607850
An easy to use grooming tool that produces beautiful results the handle is designed to fit comfortably in your hand to ensure effortless grooming, set of 2 brushes one of them has two sides so complete grooming set in one...
Ex Tax:SAR38.60
Brand: Pet.Love.Earth Model: 635934607935
Chain leads offer an easy and reliable way to maintain control over your dog when you need them close or are even just training a rowdy pup. The metal link chain makes it difficult for the lead to snap or give away under pressure. A fabric loop is added for extra comfort for the handler...
Ex Tax:SAR43.00
Brand: Pet.Love.Earth Model: 635934608154
These Arabian Canine plastic cat toys inspires cats to run, roll & play. It engages your furry friend hours of entertainment. Two-tone plastic ball with bell, in bright assorted colors with sound is perfect toy for any cat. Size 1.6 Inch (4 cm)..
Ex Tax:SAR20.90
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