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Activus Homme Edp 100ml Activus Homme Edp 100ml
Top Brand
Brand: Asgharali Model: 1AA2232
ACTIVUS spray, pulls of the fragrance of oriental woody. With top notes of apple, cinnamon and bergamot mesmerizing fragrance of freshness and citrusy. While, shifting to a woody, leather and marine heart notes and a musky and vanilla tone at the base. Activus which is the Latin meaning of active co..
Ex Tax:BD8.500
Afnan Sp 100ml Afnan Sp 100ml
Top Brand
Brand: Asgharali Model: 1AA2258
AFNAN is an attractive floral woody fragrance, intense and smoky with the opening notes of saffron, incense and orris. At the heart lies the composition of the freshness of rose fragrance that gradually turns into a warm sensual trail of musk and vanilla creating an unsurpassed aroma for any women t..
Ex Tax:BD10.500
Brand: Asgharali Model: 1AA2267
A Carnal Oriental Perfume With An Explosiveness Of Fruity And Woody Fragrance. Fresh, Incisive, Juicy Notes Of Bergamot, Prickly Saffron And Apple, Thrills And Intensifies The Heart Notes Of Oud Wood, Dry Amber And Pineapple. As A Finale Inhale Deep Vanilla, Sandalwood With Woody Inflections. Al Baa..
Ex Tax:BD20.000
Brand: Asgharali Model: 1AA2212
ANSAM AL OUD bring you a modern and sophisticated Woody Oriental fragrance, this scent is about as timelessly masculine as it gets. An initial woody, earthy and balsamic and floral hit into a warm woody, sandalwood, amber and Oud as its main characteristic. A classic peak in the world of modernism a..
Ex Tax:BD21.000
Brand: Asgharali Model: 1AA2317
ARAQA intensifies a woody, spicy and oriental fragrance. The opening notes balances of spice with pimento, nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper while adding hints of freshness composed from mandarin and grapefruit, that will surely captivate the senses. Additional to the blend of perfection is its floral and..
Ex Tax:BD17.000
Brand: Asgharali Model: 1AA2259
ASEEL spray alludes with an aromatic spicy fragrance, which has an aromatic and refreshing head with composition of bittersweet almonds followed by rosemary and bergamot but becomes more powerful and captivating thanks to its spicy enveloping patchouli and jasmine accords. The amber and leather frag..
Ex Tax:BD10.500
Brand: Asgharali Model: 1AA2113
Asghar Ali BAHEEJ spray is the net of love through which you can catch souls...
Ex Tax:BD19.000
Brand: Asgharali Model: 1AA2300
Experience the invigorating fragrance of BAKHAKH AL SHUROOQ, harnessing the freshness of marine scents that are perfect for warm weather use but invigorating with notes of woody textures to last long. This spray when consumed, gives off rich proportions of opening notes: of zesty fresh green lemon a..
Ex Tax:BD7.000
Brand: Asgharali Model: 1AA3010
The usage of bakhoor has become a deep-rooted custom, from religious ceremonies, traditional weddings and festivals to its use in times of cheerfulness. Here we have for you BAKHOOR ESTABRAQ with its natural fresh notes to enliven your senses...
Ex Tax:BD10.500
Brand: Asgharali Model: 1AA600
Feel luxurious, powerful & sensual today with BAKHOOR AL MALAKI...
Ex Tax:BD5.500
Brand: Asgharali Model: 1AA3052
Experience the exuberance that radiates from the invigorating fragrance of BAKHOOR AL SHUROOQ, a lingering contemporary fragrance synonymous for perfect hospitality. This bakhoor when consumed, gives off rich proportions of opening notes: oriental and floral aroma making a heaven-like atmosphere and..
Ex Tax:BD6.500
Brand: Asgharali Model: 1AA5068
BASHASHA GIFT SET is the connection of him and her. A deep and sensual fragrance of notes consisting of citrus-Floral-Gourmand and Floriental-Wood...
Ex Tax:BD14.000
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