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—Who can become a sales agent on the app?

Anyone In need of extra cash can become a sales agent; all you have tp do is share the deals featured on the app with friends and family and make a commission on every successful sale.

—Is there a specific age to become a sales agent?

Preferably 18 and above, but anyone can become a sales agent.

—Do I need a bank account?

A sales agent needs to have either a PayPal account or a bank account to receive their commission.

—How can I become a sales agent?

Create an account and start sharing deals.

—How can I benefit from Dalooni?

You can either buy deals directly from the app or share them with your friends and family to make money.

—How big are the commissions for Dalooni?

It varies depending on the category or product.

—How often can I sell products on Dalooni?

You can refer to as many products as you want up to 5 times a day on any social media, or until you unlock more referrals by selling a product.

—How can others benefit from Dalooni?

You can refer them to the deals and discounts available on the app to benefit from them or recommend the app for them to become sale agents and make money.

—If I refer to someone, and then they copy the link and send it to another person, do they make a commission?

The commission would be only paid to the sales agent that shared the link directly from the app.

—How do I get my commission?

After you collect 50 dollars’ worth of the commissions, you can request them directly from the app to your bank account or PayPal account.

—Can I get my commission on PayPal?

Yes, it is possible to get your commission through PayPal.

—Can I use my commission to pay for a product or service?

As for now, you can only receive your commission in forms of cash via bank transfer or PayPal.

—When do I get my commission?

After you reach a minimum of 50 dollars, you can request your cash via bank transfer or PayPal.

—What can I share, and what can I buy?

You can share and buy all available deals directly from the app.

—Is it only products that I share?

You can share all available deals, whether they are products or services.

—Can I register a business using the same account as a seller & Vice Versa?

You can have an account in both apps, but you would have to create a separate account using two different contact details.

—Is there a specific type of product I can sell on Dalooni?

You can sell any product available on the app.

—How many categories are on Dalooni?

Dalooni has many categories, and we are continually increasing them based on the availability, and businesses that list products on our platform.

—Is every product sold online?

Big products like cars are not sold online, but a margin of seriousness has to be paid, and the remainder of the transaction has to happen in the business owners office. Most of the remaining categories are sold online.

—Is every product delivered when I sell it?

Some products can be delivered, and some cannot be delivered where the buyer would have to go pick it up from the relevant store.

—Do I have to sell it directly from the app?

In order for you to make a commission, you will have to sell the product from the app.

—How do I send links to the end-user to buy the product?

From the app, you can click on the share button that will displayed on the product details page, and you will be promoted with the options of where you can send the link of the product.

—How do I buy the product myself?

From the app, you will have the option to click on a buy now button which will allow you to purchase the product directly from a secure temporary browser.