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Nespresso Capsules Corto

Nespresso Capsules Corto
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Nespresso Capsules Corto
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Inspired by the dark roasted tastes and thick textures created by the expert baristas of Spain, we selected a blend of African Arabicas and Robusta, and roasted them long and dark to create a powerful, full-bodied taste, which becomes smoother and creamier with a splash of milk.


    To create this intense, rich cup that hits a great harmony with milk, we tested plenty of different coffees from various countries of origin and we discovered that not all coffees interact well with milk. We selected a fine Ugandan Robusta to form the base of the blend. It brings the intensity, thick body and syrupy texture you expect to find in a cortado recipe.


    When you roast any coffee, you have to work at that fine balance of temperature, roast time and bean color. But it’s even more important when you want that coffee to be in ideal harmony with milk. For Corto that means split roasting the coffees for a long time in order to unleash the textures we’re looking for in a Spanish-style coffee. The long roast time where we wait for the bean to reach a dark, rich roast colour develops an alluring bitterness and that syrupy, thick body.

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