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INTENSO - Coffee Capsules

INTENSO - Coffee Capsules
INTENSO - Coffee Capsules
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For strong minded people, intense, rich and thick shot of black smooth roasted coffee, a taste that lasts, awaken all your senses and sparks your mind with the vigor to initiate a fruitful motion through out your day. Our coffee beans are roasted to the flawlessness degree to produce the dense flavor, to satisfy coffee addicts to the extreme.
Nutrition Facts
Calories5 (Per Serving)
Calories from Fat0 (Per Serving)
Carbohydrates1mg (Total)
Cholesterol 0mg0% (Daily Value %)
Deitry Fiber 0g0% (Total)
Protein 0mg 0% (Total)
Saturated Fat 0g 0% (Daily Value %)
Serving per Container10
Serving Size5g
Sodium 0mg 0% (Daily Value %)
Sugars0g (Total)
Total Fat0g
Trans Fat 0g0% (Daily Value %)

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