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إلى طريق ٩٦

إلى طريق ٩٦
إلى طريق ٩٦
إلى طريق ٩٦
إلى طريق ٩٦
إلى طريق ٩٦
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This book is a journey of 96 paths containing several real-life implications. It works as different episodes of one series. The paths contains ideas, stories, goals, and lessons. In other words, this book can be considered as a dramatic, realistic, fictional, adventure, suspense, and action series. The aim of the book is to share what we have learned from life experiences and a reminder to remain strong, optimistic and full of life, as every day is an opportunity to learn more about life and about ourselves.

Number of pages: 134

By the Bahraini writer: Yaqoob Abdulla Almerbati

Publishing House: Al-Masry for Publishing and Distribution

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